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Hi there! My name is Danielle Hargro and I am the owner of Green Maids of Detroit. I have worked in the restaurant industry for over ten years. After our shift the staff is required to clean with certain cleaning products that contain extremely heavy toxins. After years and years of cleaning I discovered that I had began to develop severe migraines

from inhaling these toxic chemicals. After leaving the restaurant industry I began to not only research alternative ways to clean with non-toxic products but affordable cleaning products/services that everyone can benefit from right from your kitchen! And so, this began my journey with creating Green Maids of Detroit by developing a passion for creating The Green Collection which will be available online in 2019. All products are vegetable based, 100% organic, and most importantly biodegradable which are excellent for you, your pets and your kids!!


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Green Home Cleaning

Enjoy having your sheets changed, dishes washed, floors scrubbed and entire home cleaned & disinfected from top to bottom.

AirBNB/Corporate Cleaning


Our Green Maids are available 7 days to assist our clients in getting their units ready for check in/outs.  

Office/Commercial Cleaning

We'll have your office free from toxins which improves better air quality for your employees and clients.

The Green Maid Experience

Here are some great benefits you will enjoy with our Green Maids:

  • Customized checklist with all your top priorities.

  • Green cleaning agents CDC certified to prevent the spread of COVID-19.​

  • Same Green Maid (almost every time).

  • Flexible recurring days/times. 

  • Online booking through PocketSuite via text. YES WE'RE TEXT SAVY!!! Or download Pocketsuite & simply add us Green Maids of Detroit. 

  • Our maids go through an extensive green training program. Helping clients with a smoother transition from toxins to a healthier alternative. 

  • Excellent customer service. We put all our clients first (we guarantee will be on your Xmas list :-).​

  • Follow-Up text messages alerts after your cleaning.


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Save Time and Money
Green Maids of Detroit wants to show you how you can save not only time but money by receiving coupons and discounts. Give the wonderful gift of cleanliness by sending your friends and family a gift card. Trust us, we will give their home an extra green shine.

Referral Program

Here at Green Maids of Detroit we appreciate your business so much and would love to meet your friends!! When your friend's book, you'll receive $25 off your next cleaning! 


1420 Washington Blvd.

Detroit, MI 48226

Tel: 313-636-1233



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